Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thing 9 Browsing of Browsers

So browsers, I tend to be such a creature of habit and so in work I come in and use Internet Explorer. However it's quite annoying when using for work as some journal articles do not open in IE, but move over to Google Chrome and viola the article opens and you're on your way again. As ever with these things you think you know it all, but just the simple thing of moving around the tabs at the top of the screen was so useful.

My colleagues blog was really useful to read about Browsers, and I thought the Internet was always slow but it was interesting to read that Azadeh says it's just IE which is slow. So maybe it's time to move on and move over to Google Chrome which in fact I do use at home and I rather like! I haven't had enough time to try out all the instructions but one thing which is stopping me a little from moving over to Google Chrome all the time is importing my favourites so I'm going to have to do that when I have time.

So I have left out Firefox, I'm not sure why but I just don't like it, and I don't like the feel of it when I'm using it. This may sound strange but is is true and so I've spent little time working on it and using it during this Thing!

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