Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Training - 10 years after I became a Cataloguer

So I have been a cataloguer now for over 10 years and I asked to be retrained. This may sounds very odd but my line manager is due to retire and I wanted to ensure I understood AACR2 as best I could as well as the reason we did things here in our library. Each library will have it's own reasons for doing certain things...

Last week we looked at how our automated library catalogue came about, this wasn't something I knew much about but it was really interesting (in a really sad way!!). It's things which I've done for years now just because I was told to do it, but it's great knowing why I'm doing certain things now.

I was then asked yesterday to attend an upcoming RDA event - - which I'm quite excited about and yes again I know this sounds pretty sad!!!! We haven't even looked at RDA as previously said my line manager is retiring and he didn't want to have to retrain us all before he retired (and who could blame him). So knowing more about AACR2 will hopefully give me a good head start on RDA, although I've been trying to get my head round FRBR (Functional Relationships for Bibliographic Records)... I read it, I understand it for a second, then I no longer understand... Although I've just got out from work Magda El-Sherbini's RDA : Strategies for implementation and Chris Oliver's Introducing RDA : a guide to the basics!!

Yes I know I'm so rock and roll...

And still working on my Revalidation... I'm going to a training event in a couple of weeks time which will make me get on and get Revalidated!!!!