Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thing 22 - It's the final count down...

Right so that's me done on my 23 Things journey, I really did enjoy it, it was a great way to learn about new technologies. However starting with something as hard going as Netvibes could have pushed me over the edge and not want to continue. I have learnt a lot in the process and I will try and keep the blog going once I'm done with my knitting projects - as it is I have a few images still to add.

Ok so my actual first blog is of my kitties Jaffa and Zimba, but my first 23 Things blog post makes me sound a little nervous about the whole thing and worried, but at the same time I had been helping people in my office so I couldn't have been too worried. All I can say is that I gave everything a go and I know I should be  much more ready to accept Twitter especially if I want to be an information professional - but I just couldn't take to it so I might have to go back again at some point and get to grips with it.

I think the best thing has to be Tagxedo I like to be creative but I'm really not all that creative in reality so this was fab. However to put it into context though, I'm not sure when I would use this currently in my job but I like the fact that I now know they're so easy to do. The item I least enjoyed has to be Twitter, it annoyed me straight from the start, but at the same time I know I should get to grips with it so I can be "down" with the kids, and I know in writing that, that makes me so not "down" with the kids...

I would use RSS Feeds for work and I've set it up now that I get certain RSS Feeds into my email account. This is a really helpful way of keeping up to date with a lot of information, and a lot of groups that I subscribe to, such as CILIP, CILIP HIOW branch, and then for non work purposes I have a feed to a recipe blog so each time that is updated I can view the new recipe. See below how it looks once in my email account - this one is great as it comes with pictures in too.

RSS Feed for Vegetarian Food Blog
I'm really proud now that I've completed this, I think because I was part of the team running 23 Things I also feel quite tired and I'm glad it is now over. However the links and guides are still there for me to refer to if I want to learn a bit more.

I think 23 Things would be better starting with an easier item to ease everyone in. Also if the instructions were more generic that would help when working on each "Thing" as well as telling us why we would use it. Some of the instructions went straight into how to use it, but if you've not heard of it before you can't put it into context when using.

However I think it's been a great success for me, and others who I have followed by reading their blogs. We should all give ourselves a pat on the back!!! :)


  1. You'll have to share details of that vegetarian food blog - looks good. As usual, great working with you (memories of UNISON)...PS: hope you've forgiven me for pressganging you into the team;)

  2. I think I'll forgive you :) for now anyway... It depends what next thing I get pressganged into by you!