Thursday, 18 April 2013

Get into the driving seat for Google Drive

So Google Drive, I actually wrote the instructions for this "Thing" which before starting 23 Things I hadn't even heard of. I for one really like this tool, I now have it on my smartphone as an app as I like to save recipes and it's so easy to get access to these whilst cooking, and then through my phone I'm able to have my documents available offline - don't ask me how I did this as I'm not totally sure.

Here's an image of my recipe file on Google Drive, a lot of these recipes I've snipped from the Slimming World page on Facebook and then saved them so I can use them when I'm at home!!

However since starting this and being really pleased with it I have read others post where they were stating it wasn't as good and there are as ever other tools out there which can do the same thing. Even after reading other people's comments I will continue to use this as I really like it. I do a monthly budget and to be able to work on that document wherever I am is really handy rather than saving everything onto a memory stick! However I guess I wouldn't put any confidential items on there - so recipes and pictures of my cats it is...

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