Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thing 4 - What is Netvibes and do I like it...

Well I've had a go, I've played around and I've set up my Netvibes account. It's a good idea and having what I would term my favourites all in one place seems quite good. However I think after this week I may not look at my page again. As stated I'm happy to open up my favourite tab and have a look at BBC news from there, or go to my Facebook page. I also have tabs at the top of my internet browser wth my favourites on there too. So this just seems another tool too much for me.

However saying that I have seen how the Health Services Library has used Netvibes and that seems really good and is really helpful. So for a work tool I think this could be of real use. As far as a cataloguer right now I'm not sure how I could put this into practice - but it's something to think about.

Right now onto learning about RSS Feeds...

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  1. Congrats for your blog and for sharing your pictures. I see your point about Netvibes and also it seems to much for me... but I will give it a go for a litle while