Sunday, 27 January 2013

My allotment

So as well as 23 Things, knitting and generally living I've decided I'd take on the allotment I was offered. Well half of what I was offered as it was a huge plot. So today Lee (my husband) and I went to divide it up so that our half was marked out and have a general look at the state of it. There's lots of work needing done but I'm looking forward with planting some fruit trees and seeing what veg I'll be able to grow!!


  1. Very impressive Emma, I just about managed to keep a basil plant alive on a windowsill last year and that's as far as my gardening skills go! Do you secretly think you're going to hit buried treasure every time you put the spade in the ground? Nicki

    1. Oh I'd love some buried treasure - or even still a little fairy to come dig over the allotment. We will see how I get on, a years time I'm hoping there will be some fruit trees on the site and sign that I've grown my own veg!!! :)

  2. Great action shot! I can't believe after everything else you have energy left for an allotment...move over Bruce Willis (he's too old anyway!!)