Friday, 11 January 2013

Gearing up for 23things round two

It seems that I never really did get round to getting very far with 23things last year. This time however I'm part of a team (well I've only just come on board - after all the hard work has been done!!!) who is running the 23things programme here at the University of Southampton for Library Staff, so I better get with it!

I have continued with the same blog name, even though at that time I was working as a Librarian, but on maternity cover. I'm now back to being a Principal Library Assistant in the Cataloguing Office here, but I'm vain enough to want to keep it as Dowling Knitting Librarian - also I think it sounds kind of cool - but am I too old to worry about being cool???

Right onwards with 23things, and finishing my first item of clothing for my friends new baby!

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