Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thing 7-8 - Doodle

Well I really like Doodle, what a nifty little tool which for once doesn't require you to create an account. I think I'm already going to use this to see what nights are best for my Knitting Group, so we can see once and for all when people can come and knit, oh and have a good chat :)

I set up a meeting for a Chocolate Meeting, wouldn't that be really nice? Mmm chocolate - following on from my other chocolate post - the Malteser Bunny really wasn't worth the wait or the 8 syns I saved for it - I'm only allowed 10 syns a day... :) I could have had 4-5 chocolates from the box I have at home!!!!!


  1. Well done for resisting the chocolate, very impressive willpower!

  2. 8 syns for a little chocolate bunny - outrageous!