Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Right so I was given a chocolate yesterday and for those of you who don't know I'm trying to be good on my diet and so I didn't have it and it's been sat on my keyboard ever since. I'm following Slimming World and so we can only have so many syns per day... If I eat it today (and oh yes it is calling to me) then I can't go home tonight and have my Malteser Bunny or whatever it's called tonight - what a Dilemma...

Oh and this diet is a battle of wills, and so far I'm winning!

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  1. Oh dear - the cruel lure of chocolate. In an attempt to improve my karmic balance sheet, I am willing to sacrifice myself and eat your chocolate for you. Don't hold back and don't worry about me or my waistline, I'm fine and happy to do this for you.....

    you asked about Pinterest - go to pinterest.com and then you can either type your particular interest into the search box or you can use the drop down menus at the top for 'categories' or 'most popular'. When you have found what you like, click on the picture (I tend to open in a new tab) and then if you click on the picture again it will take you through to further information from that person who has posted the item. If you join pinterest then you can create your own interest boards and follow other people and sites.

    I like your blog lots because it has just the right mix of light and interesting stuff and I like the layout and colours too.