Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Knitting - Jumpers and Bright Wool

I really need to get some picture of my knitting, I've finally finished my friends baby owl jumper - no that isn't a jumper for a baby owl, it's a jumper with owls on for my friends baby!!! Here's what it looks like from the site I got the pattern from

I'm in the process of knitting something which is extremely bright for my friends birthday - and I might have to ask Verna at work for some help as it says to crochet around the edges!! Crochet!!!!!!!!!!! Blimey I just taught myself this morning how to purl into the front and back of the stitch let alone crochet!! I must also take a picture of it before I sew it up as it's a very odd shape and I'm not sure how it'll look in the end! Once completed I will add some pictures here. After that I will be finishing off a very basic blanket also for my friends baby, but I'm off to see her in a couple of weeks and so I want it all finished by then... then maybe time to make myself something...


  1. Thank you for your post on how to comment on Wordpress blogs from Blogger - just tried it and it worked perfectly, so easy! Nicki

  2. Brill, I'm glad it worked :)And that my instructions were correct...!